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Aug 15

SATs – Site Assessment & Training Services Achieve 100% Success Rate In Fit Testing With Alpha Solway 3030V

We have been delighted to receive a glowing testimonial from Mike Pearson – principle of SATs regarding the performance and quality of our 8030V disposable respirator.

Mike writes “The team at Alpha Solway are knowledgeable and have delivered our face fit training which was excellent. We are particularly impressed with the Alpha Solway FFP3 8030V disposable mask. The quality is much better than others we have tried, as such both our customers and own staff prefer them to other makes and models. Most importantly, the orange Alphamesh 8030V has a 100% success rate in fit testing – no others on the market have matched this within the 5 years we have been fit testing!”

Mike went on to say that since 2010 SATs have never had a failure with the 8030V and that he thinks its the flexible inner seal that ensures the mask.