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Head Protection from ENHA

ENHA's innovative, award-winning safety helmets are designed with one purpose - to protect heads effectively. ENHA have designed hard hats for use in a wide range of industries, including specialist solutions for electrical, molten metal and forestry applications.

Ahead with innovation, unrivaled quality

ENHA’s well-established and award-winning safety helmets are developed, designed and manufactured in Germany utilising cutting edge technology.

The helmets are also made using premium ultraviolet (UV)-stabilised granulate. This helps to ensure that any weathering effects of heat, cold and varying temperature fluctuations do not affect performance or reliability.

ENHA's own helmet test environment also follows EN 397 safety regulations meaning that testing is done under different temperature settings, varying between 50°C and -30°C. Therefore, in the field, the performance, quality and comfort of ENHA hard hats is unrivalled, even in the most rigorous of workplace conditions.

With longer-lasting, safer and better designed hard hats, ENHA helps employers mitigate accident liability and keep their workers safe with the ideal head protection solution.

Strong overall performance and unique design features, such as the innovative CRASHBOX function (as incorporated into the Ranger and E-MAN helmets) combine to provide the wearer with state-of-the-art head protection. At the same time, this has led ENHA to being nominated for and receiving multiple awards.