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The E-Ranger safety helmet with Crashbox is designed specifically for those working with electricity - designed to reduce exposure to high voltage conductors and offer dielectric protection up to 1000V AC OR 1500V DC (EN 50365) and protect from up to 10000V disruptive discharge voltage (EN 50365)*.



The electrician's helmet

Aimed at revolutionising the European head protection market, the award-winning E-Ranger safety helmet features several innovative attributes including the Crashbox, a crumple zone in the top of your helmet.

  • Specifically designed for those working with electrical applications
  • Helmet shell fully intact, no ventilation holes
  • Helmet shell constructed of hi-tech blend of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polycarbonate (PC) with UV blocker
  • This integrated UV blocker is particularly valuable for outdoor workers as it slows down UV degradation caused by UV rays from the sun, increasing the lifespan of the helmet by up to 50%
  • Reduce the force delivered to the wearers head, neck, shoulders with the Crashbox crumple zone technology
  • Patented oval shaped 30mm slots (much stronger than traditional rectangular slots) for accessories such as ear defenders and visors
  • The 6-point textile (polyester) suspension harness serves 2 purposes - spreading the force of any impact and providing optimal fit & comfort by moulding to the wearers head 
  • Get the perfect headband fit with our padded ratchet adjustment system - easy to adjust even when wearing gloves
  • Comfortable sweatband made of antiallergenic, washable microfibre
  • IntegraSpec, rectractable eye protection which conforms to EN166 (optional)
  • Secure the safety helmet with 4-point self-releasing chin-strap mounts
  • Available in multiple colour combinations
  • Adjustable headband sizing: 53-62cm
  • In-use lifetime: up to 6 years (if undamaged)
  • Weight - 375g (407g with IntegraSpec)


  • CE
  • EN 397
  • EN 50365
  • Metal Splash and Molten Metal protection: MM

Optional Ranger safety helmet accessories

  • IntegraSpec eye protection - clear or tinted
  • Chin-straps
  • Sweatbands
  • 22 piece reflector set
  • Ear defenders

Available in multiple colour combinations

  • Helmet shell: white, yellow, hi-viz orange, red, blue, green
  • Crashbox: white, yellow, hi-viz orange, red, blue, green, black

* Working under high voltage or near high voltage devices of up to 1000V AC or 1500V DC requires the use of personal protective equipment that is protecting neck, hands and other parts of the body against electrical hazards.



Watch the video below to find out more about the Crashbox technology